Funeral Services

Melbourne Community Support Organisation (MCSO) has been registered as Funeral Director with SOUTHERN METROPOLITAN CEMETERIES TRUST.

About Funerals In Islam

In Islam the funeral process is Fard-e-kefaya which means that at least one member of the community is to perform this duty.

The process involves three essential steps:

  1. Washing & Shrouding the body
  2. The Funeral Prayer
  3. The Burial Process

All Muslims are buried and there is no cremation after death. There is no need for embalming usually.

Service Provided

Our main objective is to provide access to the Cemeteries managed by SOUTHERN METROPOLITAN CEMETERIES TRUST.

We do not charge any fee as a Funeral Director. It is a voluntary service to the community.  We assist families conduct a funeral in accordance with relevant Australia/Victorian Laws and Regulations.                           

  • Liaise with local Masajid and Islamic societies
  •   Liaise with hospital or mortuary
  •   Liaise with local councils
  •   Liaise with police or coroners office
  •   Assist with all regulatory paperwork
  •   Assist with registering death with Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages
  •   Assist family to complete forms to obtain official extract of the “Death Certificate”
  •   Liaise and co-ordinate embalming services and overseas transfers if needed
  •   Point of information and assistance for other organisations, community groups and government agencies on Muslim funerals